A standardised approach

Biobanking framework

Improving integration between research, diagnostics and clinical care.

Led by NSW Health Pathology, the new framework will ensure NSW has a world-class, sustainable approach to managing human biobanks and the specimens they house.

It will improve integration between research, diagnostics and clinical care, and help provide a more standardised approach to biobanking, with:

  • New voluntary certification program to improve the quality of biobanking in NSW by sharing education and best practice guidance. To become certified or learn more visit the NSW Health Pathology Biobank Certification Program website or email NSWPATH-Biobanking@health.nsw.gov.au.
  • Standardised consent process with associated policy guidance, developed by NSW Health’s Office for Health and Medical Research.
  • Statewide Tissue Specimen Locator to improve access to collections across the NSW biobanking community.
  • Standardised agreements to support the transfer of human biospecimens between hospitals, biobanks and researchers.
  • A data linkage service for the facility that will support follow-up data from NSW Health administrative data to be accessed by collections housed at the statewide biobank. Under development by the Centre for Health Record Linkage (CHeReL).
  • Standardised documents, such as transfer agreements, will help to expedite processes between researchers, and biobank collections to accelerate research.
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