Coronavirus (COVID-19) health research

Would you like to help scientists and doctors to better understand, treat and even prevent coronavirus (COVID-19)?

On the 30 January 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that COVID-19 was a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”. Across Australia and the world, researchers and doctors have been working to learn more about COVID-19, how it makes people sick and what treatments might help.

You can be part of coronavirus (COVID-19) research, by donating your leftover swab and/or blood samples to NSW Health Pathology’s COVID-19 Biobank.

About the NSW Health Pathology COVID-19 Biobank

The COVID-19 Biobank is a collection of samples, such as blood, swabs and other 'biospecimens', from Australian's who have a swab and/or blood test for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Like a bank, samples donated for health and medical research are kept under tight security and in carefully controlled conditions.

By storing samples together, we can help researchers work together to better understand, treat and prevent COVID-19.

You can take part in the COVID-19 Biobank by:

  • consenting to donate your leftover sample/s to the NSW Health Statewide Biobank, and
  • giving permission for NSW Health to link your health and personal information (data) to the sample.

What happens to my donated samples?

If you choose to donate your leftover samples, they will be linked with your health information (data) and securely stored in the NSW Health Statewide Biobank. Your samples and samples from other people tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) will be made available to Australian and international researchers for ethically-approved research, now and into the future. Only anonymous information about you will be shared.

Choosing to donate a sample for health and medical research is voluntary. We’ve prepared important information to help you decide whether to donate a sample for health and medical research.

How do I take part?

  1. Read the participant information sheet and watch the participant information video

2. Complete the consent form

You can choose to consent now using a secure electronic consent form, or you can  consent later and have a form emailed to you.

If you have questions or would like more information about the COVID-19 Biobank, please contact NSW Health Pathology Research at:

For more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19), visit the NSW Health website.

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