Consent for Biobanking


If you are being asked to give your consent for biobanking, you are being asked to support health and medical research by:

  • donating a sample to the NSW Health Statewide Biobank, and
  • giving permission for NSW Health to collect and link your health and personal information to the sample.

Participant Consent Materials

NSW Health has created a range of consent materials to help you make a voluntary and informed health decision about participating in biobanking.

These materials would generally be given to you by the doctor, researcher or healthcare professional asking you to take part in a research study. They might provide your care, or they might work for a hospital or practice that you visit.

Download sample Participant Consent Materials

  1. Participant Information Sheet
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Research examples

All the materials have been written in plain English to ensure that you have access to simple and appropriate information about the potential risks and benefits of participating in biobanking.

We are currently developing additional support materials including films, brochures, posters and digital content with the support of our consumer representative group. These will be made available during 2020.

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