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Material Transfer Agreements

Research organisations seeking access to biospecimens and/or associated data from the NSW Health Statewide Biobank must complete an Application Form.

The application form provides the details of the materials and/or associated data required by the Researcher. Additional information is also requested in regards to the ethics and governance of the project, which is required prior to the approval to access the samples.

The degree of detail supplied in the application will be dependent on whether the end use of the material and/or the data is requested for use in health research. Each application is forwarded to the collection custodians for review and approval prior to the transfer of specimens.

For most collection custodians this will be in accordance with their usual application and approval process for materials. If the custodian approves usage and the biobank has the capacity to provide the material, the NSW Health Statewide Biobank will work with the Research Governance Office (RGO), or equivalent, to prepare a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Additionally, a Standard Agreement is required to facilitate the relationship between the requesting research organisation and the Biobank, to support pricing, billing, change requests and client equipment.

The MTA and Standard Agreement must be signed by the delegated authority nominated by each institution. Once the MTA and Standard Agreement has been executed the transfer of the samples will be coordinated by the NSW Health Statewide Biobank.

  1. Standard Agreement
  2. MTA I – Supply of biospecimens and associated data to the biobank
  3. MTA II – NSW Statewide Biobank supply of biospecimens and associated data to research organisations.

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