About the biobank

A vital new resource
for medical research

The NSW Government invested $12 million to create the NSW Health Statewide Biobank to support world-class health and medical research across the state.

From breakthroughs in cancer, diabetes, heart disease and rare genetic diseases, the state-of- the-art facility will help revolutionise our research efforts across the state.

Allowing access to the largest collections of human samples in Australia – DNA, blood, tissue and tumour cells – it will help NSW researchers improve the way disease is detected, diagnosed and treated.

It will support research that will provide more treatment pathways for patients and help speed up the time it takes to translate discoveries into better patient care.

Biobanks are vital to modern medical research and our evolving knowledge of health and disease. This new statewide facility marks an exciting new era for our researchers and communities.

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A safe house for tissue samples, tumour cells, DNA and blood samples used for medical research.

We all benefit from biobanks. They are vital to modern medical research and to our evolving knowledge of health and disease.

The NSW Health Statewide Biobank will help improve the overall management of bio-specimens used in health and medical research.

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