NSW Health Statewide Biobank

Excellence and expertise in biobanking

The NSW Health Statewide Biobank exists to support and enable world-class health and medical research in NSW.

Our skilled and dedicated team provide a range of services to support all facets of biospecimen research, from project start up and sample collection, to processing, storage, data-linkage and access.

We provide a pathway to better research that leads to better treatment for the people of NSW.

First and largest biobank of its kind in Australia

A world-class facility to revolutionise health and medical research:

  • Large-scale technology to store and process over three million samples of human tissue, blood, DNA and tumour cells.
  • Unique support for large-scale population studies to help track health trends across the state and disease-specific studies, such as cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and rare diseases.
  • Highly sophisticated equipment to reduce the time it takes to manage and retrieve samples, and speed up the time it takes to get discoveries from the lab to patients.
  • State-of-the-art, temperature-controlled storage systems to protect the long-term integrity of samples; vital for studies lasting 10 years or more.

Greater, simpler and more cost-effective participation in biospecimen research

Our services are designed to enrich your research projects, clinical trials or biospecimen collections.

We provide a range of services, including:

  • Project design and start up
  • Sample collection at sites across NSW
  • Transport, processing, storage and access
  • Data linkage via the CHeReL

We enable cost effective, rapid research and ultimately improvements for the people of NSW.

The statewide biobanking framework

This framework helps to ensure NSW has a world-class, sustainable approach to managing human biobanks and the specimens they house.

We support the NSW biobanking community with a wide range of educational, operational, research and best practice tools, including:

  • NSW Biobank Certification Program
  • NSW Health Consent Toolkit
  • Standard procedures and agreements
  • NSW Biobank support and collaboration





The new biobank is located in the Professor Marie Bashir Centre in Camperdown.

The biobank is built on collaboration. See the partners who made this possible.

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